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Recipe Management Application

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What is a Recipe management tool?

This recipe management system is designed to help students, hospitals, restaurants, and other individuals who would like to manage their recipe data. Users can create and manage a large number of recipes and products seamlessly. In addition, users can print recipes, create baskets and shopping lists, and order products from dedicated suppliers within the application.

With the built-in social media feature, the application allows users to create groups of users to share recipes and interact with other users.

  • Client:Calcmenu Phil. Inc
  • Industry:Web Application
  • Technologies:HTML5, TypeScript, CSS, ASP.NET, Angular 11, SQL Server
  • Date:Dec 01, 2019
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Detailed information

This web application utilizes the latest technologies to maximize performance and efficiency. This web application is designed to host a large number of users. The users’ information protected with encryption.


The application dashboard contains general usage information and links to app modules. Users can view the latest news, selection of products, and notifications.

Recipe Module

Recipe dashboard contains detailed information. Some of the recipe information displayed in the recipe dashboard as follows. 

  • Ingredients and procedure
  • Recipe images
  • Recipe meta information
  • Detailed allergens
  • Detailed nutrients
  • Detailed costing
  • Recipe activity and the comment feature  
  • Recipe statistics

Products Module

The product module contains a detailed search feature and product details page. The product details page allows users to edit products and see the detailed information for the product. Displayed information as follows.

  • Nutrient information
  • Price
  • Allergens
  • Related products
  • Meta information
  • Price 
  • Alternative name

Basket, Shopping list and Ordering Modules

The basket module is the simplified way to store recipes and products before proceeding to the shopping list. The shopping list contains detailed information on the order amount of recipe products and order prices of the products. Users can replace recipe products with other products. Users can create unlimited numbers of shopping lists. The ordering module will let users order the products they added to their shopping lists from the supplier(s) of the selected products directly.

Printing Module

Users can print an unlimited number of Recipes or Shopping lists at the same time with provided layouts. 

Groups Module

Users can create groups to share recipes and interact with other users. Groups can be searched on the “Discover Groups” page. Admin or Editor of the group can add or remove recipes and members of the group.

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