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This web application is an online store created and tailored for the needs of the client. The client requested to easy to manage and editable online store for her store.

On this website, I used WordPress and woo-commerce with SQL database. The store is 100% editable by the client and easy to manage. The client can add or remove products easily.

Admin panel gives various options to edit the webpage. The client can add/edit and remove any type of coupons for her products.

  • Client:Matilde Bautista Ticzon
  • Industry:Web Application
  • Technologies:HTML5, CSS, Angular 11, SQL, WordPress
  • Date:August 18, 2020
  • URL:

This online store consists of 5 main modules.

  • Frontpage 
    • FrontPage is a Summary of the store. The client can put featured categories and products on this page.
  • Store
    • The store is the main product viewing area. On this page, users can do the following.
      • Add to cart.
      • Search product.
      • Filter search.
      • Click to view details of the product.
  • Blog
    • The blog page is just for blog posts and was initially disabled. The client can enable this page if needed.
  • User management 
    • Users can see their profile and edit details on the “Dashboard” page.
    • Previous orders and billing information is available on this page.
  • Product details
    • Product details are dedicated to the details of the selected product by the user. On this page, users can do the following.
      • See the pictures of the product clicked by the user.
      • Rate the product.
      • Review the product.
      • See the reviews.
      • See related products.

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