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Face Recognization Attendance Application

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Face recognition attendance system is one of the ways artificial intelligence can help companies to advance their security and reliability. 

Unlike fingerprint scanners, face recognition software can scan up to 6 faces simultaneously. This advancement increases the speed of employees’ time in and out. 

This system provides 98% accuracy for face recognition on initial use. The system improves the accuracy up to 99.8 percent in time. 

  • Client:Trinity University of Asia
  • Industry:Desktop application
  • Technologies:Python, SQL Server
  • Date:March 05, 2019
  • URL: TBA

The system consists of 3 main panels:

  • In/Out feedback
  • Real-time camera feedback.
  • Admin panel

In/Out feedback

This page is the feedback for employees where they can see their Name, action as Time In or Time out with the exact moment of the record.

Real-time camera feedback

This page contains a camera feed with the face recognition action. Names or numbers of employees can be seen above their faces.

Admin panel

This panel is intended to be used for admin of the system where it contains the following actions.

  • Report generation
    • Admin can generate a detailed report of employees with their names, dates, and the action as time in/out.

  • Add new employee
    • This action lets the admin add new employee and employee pictures.
  • Record list
    • The admin can filter, sort, and edit the real-time event list if there is a need for adjustments.

This system evaluated and rated by IT experts as follows

PerformanceWeighted MeanVerbal Interpretation
1. Functionality4.67Excellent
2. Reliability4.33Very Satisfactory
3. Usability4.67Excellent
4. Efficiency4.67Excellent
5. Maintainability4.67Excellent
6. Portability4.67Excellent

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